Coin Master: What are Pets and Which One is The Best?

Pets are a key component of the popular mobile game Coin Master. They are cute and collectible and provide various benefits and bonuses that can be used in different game modes.

However, players can only activate one pet at a time and must wait for a full four-hour cycle to switch to a different pet and its corresponding benefits. These pets are a source of amusement for players and a valuable asset in their pursuit of victory in Coin Master.

How to Get Coin Master Pets?

If you want to bring some furry friends into your Coin Master experience, you’ll need to upgrade your village to level four first. Once you’ve reached this milestone, a spin button will appear on the left side of your screen. From here, you can access the pet area and see all the adorable pets available for you to collect.

The first pet, a charming fox named Foxy, is automatically unlocked for you, but the rest can only be obtained by completing quests. To keep your pets active and able to use their special buffs, you’ll need to remember to feed them regularly.

You can also level them up by giving them experience point potions. So don’t forget to take care of your pets; they’ll surely bring extra fun and benefits to your Coin Master gameplay. You can check out Coin Master Boom levels list or Coin master village cost.

All Coin Master Pets: Their Strength & Abilities

As a new player of Coin Master, you might be wondering just how many adorable pets there are to collect and interact within the game. The answer is three! The current roster of pets in Coin Master includes Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino, each with their own unique abilities and powers.

These pets are more than just cute companions – they can help you out in various game modes by using their special abilities. So, not only will you have fun collecting and caring for these pets, but they can also enhance your gaming experience.

Let’s talk about these three pets:

1) Coin Master Pet: Foxy & What It Does?

After upgrading your village to level four in Coin Master, you will receive your very first pet, Foxy. Don’t be fooled by the timing of your acquisition – even if you get Foxy early on in the game, it will still be a valuable asset.

If you enjoy playing on the slot machine, Foxy can give you an advantage by increasing your chances of getting good rewards. Plus, leveling up Foxy is a breeze and requires fewer XP potions compared to other pets.

coin master pet foxy

For optimal results, try accumulating spins for a period of time and then using them all at once with Foxy equipped for even better rewards. This technique may even result in an assault on an enemy village. Foxy’s maximum level is 135, so make sure to keep leveling it up to unlock its full potential. You might be interested in Crazy Fox free spins.

2) Coin Master Pet: Rhino & What It Does?

To add the powerful Rhino to your collection of Coin Master pets, you’ll need to complete the “Creatures card collection” quest. This formidable creature has proven to be a reliable defender, protecting your village from enemy attacks.

coin master pet Rhino

However, the effectiveness of this protection buff is based on chance, so you’ll want to upgrade Rhino to increase your chances of successfully defending against attacks. At level one, the chances of defense are only 10%. Rhino will continue to protect your village even after your shield is broken. With a maximum level of 99, Rhino is a valuable pet to keep active, especially when you’re offline.

3) Coin Master Pet: Tiger & What It Does?

While Foxy offers a buff during raids, Tiger provides a boost during attacks. Attacks generally offer smaller rewards than raids, but Tiger’s buff is significantly larger than Foxy’s, allowing players to receive up to 410% of the attack’s rewards in additional coins.

coin master pet tiger

Since attack opportunities are more readily available from the slot machine than raids, Tiger can be just as valuable, if not more so, than Foxy. It’s best to unlock and use Tiger during Attack Madness, as this will allow you to get the maximum value from both the Attack Madness season and Tiger’s buff.

Which Pet is The Best in Coin Master?

Although each pet has its own unique benefits, Foxy is generally considered to provide the most value due to its useful buff that can be easily obtained. However, it’s important to remember that the value of a pet will vary based on the needs and preferences of different players.

To maximize the value you get from your pets, it’s crucial to upgrade them whenever possible. For example, Foxy’s reward of 106% is available to players who upgrade it to level 186.

Ultimately, all pets in Coin Master can be valuable investments, so it’s important to evaluate your needs and choose the pet that will best suit your playstyle.

How to Take Care of Pets in Coin Master?

To get the most out of your pets in Coin Master and ensure they are well taken care of, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Be careful with your food supply and only feed your pets when you really need their buffs. Food can be hard to come by, so you don’t want to run out when you need it the most. You can get more food by participating in Coin Master events.
  2. Make use of the free food option, which allows you to feed one of your pets for free and activate its buff for 15 minutes once every 24 hours. To upgrade your pets, you can also use experience points from chests and jars. Simply select the desired pet from the list when you open one of these items and upgrade it.
  3. Be sure to check your pets’ stats from time to time, so you can make informed decisions about which ones to prioritize and how to best use your resources.

FAQs About Coin Master Pets

Which pet is the best in Coin Master?

Foxy is widely regarded as the best pet to have in Coin Master due to its ability to help increase your wealth.

What do pets do in Coin Master?

Pets can be incredibly helpful if you’re aiming to become the ultimate Coin Master and win the game. During attacks and raids, they can boost your rewards and protect your village, making them a valuable asset to have on your side.

How do I get pet food on Coin Master?

There are several methods for obtaining pet food in Coin Master, but the easiest is to simply spin the slot machine and wait for it to appear. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll get pet food every time, it is a fairly common reward that you have a good chance of receiving.


To rise to the top and become the Coin Master of the game, it’s important to employ strategy and tricks as you play. Pets can be very useful in this regard, as they can help you double your rewards or wealth earned from raids and attacks. 

Currently, there are three pets available in Coin Master: Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. It’s possible that more pets will be added in future updates to the game. If you have any suggestions for how you would like to see these pets incorporated into gameplay, let me know!

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