Crazy Fox Free Spins and Coins Link [Updated Daily]

In this article, we’ll give you the game’s rules, some tips on how to play, and some links and codes for Crazy Fox free spins. These links will help you get free coins and other rewards. So, read the complete article to find out the working free spins links for Crazy Fox.

The Crazy Fox game has a lot of perks for players. It’s fun to play, but it might not be very clear for beginners. Don’t worry, though, because we’re here to help you.

Some players might not know that Crazy Fox used to be called Crazy Coin. Both game versions were popular, and few players still search for Crazy Coin spin.

But now, the game is called Crazy Fox, and the free spins are called Crazy Fox free spin. So if you want to get rewards in this game, make sure to look for Crazy Fox free coins and spins.

The company that made the game, Aztek Tech, releases new codes daily. We’ll find all the new links to those codes so that you can spin the wheel for free.

Crazy Fox free spins link [2023]

We collect Crazy Fox free spin links from the game’s social media pages. We check each link carefully before sharing them with you. All the links in this post are trustworthy and real.

Free spins link for Crazy Fox – Today, 2023

Here is the latest link for Crazy Fox free spins:

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Today50 free spins 3M coins (Link 1)Collect
Today50 free spins 3M coins (Link 2)Collect
Today20 free spins 3M coins (Link 3)Collect

Old free spins Crazy Fox links

Yesterday2. Link – Get 20 spins and 3M coinsCollect
Yesterday1. Get 100 spins with this Redeem Code20230401
Sep 29, 20233. Get 20 spins and 3M coins freeCollect
Sep 29, 20232. Get 50 spins & 2M coins freeCollect
Sep 28, 20231. Get 50 free spins 3M coinsCollect
Sep 28, 20233. Link for 20 free spins and 3M coinsCollect
Sep 27, 20232. Link for 50 free spins and 3M coinsCollect
Sep 27, 20231. Get 50 free spins, 2M coins (Updated)Collect
Sep 26, 20233. Receive 20 free spins 3M coinsCollect
Sep 26, 20232. Receive 50 free spins and 2M coinsCollect
Sep 26, 20231. Link – 50 free spins 3M coinsCollect

Remember that the link will expire after a few days, just like Coin Master game. Make sure to use the links before they expire. Players should check this page daily for the latest links and use them within 3 days.

What is Crazy Fox free spin & its rewards?

The Crazy Fox game developers offer official rewards called Crazy Fox free spins. Players can get spins, coins, and other items as gifts if they use these free spins. Remember that each link for Crazy Fox free spin can only be used once by any player per day.

How does spin wheel work?

The Spin Wheel in Crazy Fox is a feature that resembles a wheel and can be found in other games as well. Players can click on it to spin and receive a reward. If the spin wheel button color is red, the wheel will rotate and award shields, coins, or additional spins.

crazy fox free spins
Crazy fox free spin

The Spin Wheel may also offer different rewards to players depending on the current events running in the game. It’s a fun and exciting way for players to earn rewards while playing Crazy Fox.

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Crazy Fox reward: shield

In Crazy Fox, players can spin the wheel to earn shields as a reward. A player can have a total of three shields at a time.

These shields help protect their village from attacks by other players, who may be at a similar level or on their Facebook friends list. Without an active shield, it is easier for an enemy to destroy a player’s village, and the player will need to rebuild it again.

So, players must try getting shields from spin to keep their village safe. In the game, a shield is a useful tool for defending against enemy attacks and protecting the village from opponents.

Raid in Crazy Fox – What is It?

In the game, when a player gets Foxy three times in a row spinning the wheel, it’s called a raid. During this phase, players can try to steal coins from other players.

They are given four options, three of which will give them coins and one of which will not give them anything. It’s important for players to choose their options carefully. As soon as players get more coins, they can build many more villages in the game.

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Attack in Crazy Fox – What is It?

The raid and the attack are similar, with just one difference. In the case of an attack, a player has to spin the wheel to collect three gaming bombs first, and then they can attack an opponent’s village.

A player can’t attack in a raid, but they can steal coins from an opponent. Players can also use an attack to get revenge for any previous attacks on their village.

What is Crazy Fox world shop?

In Crazy Fox, players can build their villages in an area called the World Shop. To complete a village, a player must build all five characters. When they successfully build a village, they are rewarded with a star.

This star can affect the player’s ranking on the Leaderboard, so it’s important to try to get as many stars as possible. Additionally, Players can obtain free cards and free spins based on the type of village they currently possess.

These rewards can help them progress through the game and build even more villages.

Types of chests in Crazy Fox

Crazy Fox has 5 chests, and if a player wants to buy them, he should wait a bit. We have listed some chests below:

Wooden Chest:  Players can use their coins to purchase a Wooden Chest.

Silver Chest: The Silver Chest can be purchased with coins like Wooden Chest.

Golden Chest: The Golden Chest can only be purchased with real money at the cost of $9.99, and players must be at a high level to buy it. However, once they reach level 10, they can purchase the Golden Chest with coins instead of money.

Crazy Fox event types:

Golden Cards, Vikings, Set Blast, Balloon Frenzy, Bet Blast, etc., are some events in the game. Vikings is the trending event among them.

What is Crazy Fox reward calendar?

Crazy Fox has a Reward Calendar that informs the players about the available rewards they can collect by logging in to the game. This feature can also give players valuable items like Pet Food, Extra Card Rewards, etc. It’s a helpful way for players to stay up-to-date on the rewards available in the game.


We hope this blog post helps you build a beautiful village in Crazy Fox. Check this web page frequently to get the newest Crazy Fox free spin links and earn coins and other items. Stay tuned for updates.

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