How to Block Attacks in Coin Master

If you are a Coin Master player and want to learn how to block attacks in coin master, you have come to the right place. Attackers can easily target incomplete villages, so you should complete your village as soon as possible.

Coin Master provides players with five shields and a Rhino pet, which can help protect your village from damage for a while.

However, there is still a risk of your village being attacked. In this post, I will share tips and strategies to help you safeguard your village and easily complete it.

6 Ways to Block Attacks in Coin Master

To protect your village from being destroyed by your opponent in Coin Master, you should learn how to block attacks. Here are the six effective ways that you can use to block attacks in coin master game.

1. Build Your Village When You have Enough Coins

To prevent attacks in Coin Master, you need to build your village in one go rather than leaving it incomplete. If you leave your village incomplete due to a lack of enough coins, it will be an easy target for attacks from friends or enemies.

Although it is not guaranteed that your pet will be able to protect your village from raids, so it is best to avoid this risk altogether.

To further decrease the likelihood of being attacked, try building your village during odd hours when other players may not be as active. This way, you can complete your village without interference, even if you don’t have enough coins.

2. Use Shields to Stop Attacks in Coin Master

One of the most effective ways to prevent attacks on your village in Coin Master is always to have your shields fully charged. Each shield provides protection for your village against an attack, and you have a total of five shields at your disposal.

Making sure that your shields are full whenever you play the game can significantly reduce the chances of your village being damaged.

When an attack destroys your shield, you can refill it by performing a foreign spin. It is also a good idea to keep notifications on so you are always aware of attacks on your village.

3. Use Your Pet to Prevent an Attack

use coin master pets to stop attacks

Coin Master offers a variety of cute pets that can help you complete different tasks in the game. One pet that is especially helpful in blocking attacks is Rhino. By upgrading Rhino, you can increase its ability to protect your village from attacks. Remember, you have to feed your pets regularly to keep them active and able to help you in the game.

4. Use Coin Master Village Cost List

Many players don’t know the actual village cost when building their village in Coin Master. As a result, they may use up all of their available coins, leaving their village incomplete and vulnerable to attack.

Each village has a different making cost, so it is important to use the village cost list to ensure that you have enough coins before you start building your village.

Knowing village cost, you can avoid the risk of your village being damaged by an attack and allow you to easily complete your village.

Remember to check the village cost list before beginning to build, so you can plan accordingly and have the necessary coins to finish your village.

5. Use Ghost Mode

When you use ghost mode, you can continue to play the game without being noticed by your friends, which can help protect your village from attacks. In ghost mode, you will appear offline in your friends’ lists, allowing you to play the game in peace and avoid any potential attacks.

6. Request Your Friends Not to Attack Your Village

Another way is to talk directly to your friends and ask them not to attack your village. This step can help decrease the chance of your village being attacked, as most of the time, those who attack your village, are your friends.

If your friend does not listen to your request and continues to attack your village, you can try ghost mode to avoid his attack.


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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Block Attacks in Coin Master

Please check out our question-and-answer section if you have any doubts or confusion reading the above article. This section might help you solve your remaining queries.

Can I block my friends in coin master?

Yes. You can. To stop your friends from attacking your village in Coin Master, simply block them. Blocking a player will prevent them from being able to attack your village in the game.

How to fix the connection lost issue while attacking?

If you experience connection lost issue while playing Coin Master, it may be due to other apps on your device. To fix this issue, you may need to reinstall the game.

What is ghost mode in coin master game?

Ghost mode allows players to play Coin Master without being visible to their friends or enemies. When in ghost mode, players can continue to play the game and make progress, but their friends or enemies will not be able to trace or attack their villages.

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