Coin Master Events 2023: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a huge fan of Coin Master and wish to earn additional rewards. In Coin Master, events are a great way to win valuable prizes. To take advantage of these events, familiarity with the Coin Master Events List is essential.

Coin Master frequently hosts various events that provide the opportunity to earn free coins, spins, pet food, pet experience points, and other rewards. Participating in these events is a great way to acquire additional in-game rewards without spending additional money.

You must participate in and complete these events without error to get the most out of these events. If you are successful, you will receive even greater rewards. Observe the Coin Master events schedule to remain informed of upcoming events.

What are Coin Master events?

Coin Master events are special, limited-time challenges in the Coin Master game that players can participate in to earn rewards. These events typically have unique mechanics and goals; completing them can earn players things like free spins, coins, cards, and treats for their Coin Master pets. Events may have time limits and expire after a certain period, so players should take advantage of them.

All Coin Master events list

These are all the events that happen in Coin Master up until now. The developers of the game may add more events in the future.

1. Village Mania

village mania event

If you are a Coin Master player, you may have heard of the Village Mania event. It’s a special event where you can get discounts on building villages. During different types of Village Mania events, you can get up to 20% discounts on all items in the village or 65% off on the last items on every level.

2. Sea Of Fortune

The Sea of Fortune event is an entertaining and thrilling way to enhance your Coin Master gaming experience. By sailing the seas, you can collect various rewards. The key to success in this event is to keep an eye out for the “Greedy Octopus.”

The Sea of Fortune event is a mini-game that you can participate in at every level. You’ll be given four wooden boxes to choose from – three of them contain rewards, and one contains the Greedy Octopus. If you land on the Octopus, you can either pay coins to continue playing or end the event with no rewards.

3. Coin Craze

The Coin Craze is an event where you can earn extra coins by playing the game. During this event, you will receive a multiplier for your coins and the spin button changes to gold. This event is a good way to earn few more free coins by spinning, raiding, and attacking as much as you can.

4. Attack Madness

Launch attacks on other Viking Villages to earn valuable rewards. The opponents will become more challenging as you progress, but the rewards will be worth the effort.

5. Gold Card Trade

As part of this unique event, you can exchange your valuable gold cards with other players. Since you cannot normally trade gold cards, this is the sole occasion where you are permitted to do so. A player may exchange only two gold cards in this event. In addition, this event is only available for a limited time, so hurry up and act!

6. Viking Quest

Viking Quests is an exciting feature within the Coin Master game that allows players to earn valuable rewards using coins instead of spins. This mini-game comprises of ten different missions, each with its own set of rewards to be won. Viking Quests offer an alternative way to earn rewards within the game unlike the traditional slot machine.

7. Raid Madness

Take part in the Raid Madness event by attacking other Viking villages to win rewards. You’ll have to complete harder challenges to earn bigger rewards as you play more. This event is entertaining and similar to past events. You can earn even bigger rewards if you raid other player’s villages and reach upper levels.

8. Village Master

This event is unique and not like the others. When you finish attacking a village, you can earn a special achievement. This Village Master event offers bigger rewards than before. If you successfully attack a village, you will receive amazing rewards unavailable in other events.

9. Cards For Chest

This event is occurring for a limited time only. During this event, duplicate cards can be exchanged for new treasure chests. Each card trade will give different goodies, including spins, pet food, XP for pets, and cards. It is vital to remember that trading cards will not reduce your game stars during this Cards For Chest event.

10. Bet Blast

This event allows players to make bigger bets, fight against opponents, raid with allies, and earn numerous rewards. The Bet Blast event will amplify your rewards when attacking and raiding other players’ villages. You will get double rewards.

11. Cards Boom

This special event allows you to earn 50% more rewards from each chest. The golden chest offers players six cards, the wooden chest offers three cards, and the magical chest offers a whopping 12 cards! Be strategic in your use of these rewards!

12. Balloon Frenzy

This event is a old one that lasts for a few hours. You can recognize this event by the presence of balloons on your game screen. During the Balloon Frenzy event, you can burst balloons that fly over your village and earn rewards.

13. Tournament Milestone

This is a new event that allows you to win additional rewards while competing in tournaments. Climb the leaderboard to the top and win rewards as you go. To earn rewards such as spins, coins, pets, pet XP, rare cards, etc., during the competition, you must complete certain tasks.

14. Sea of Fortune

This event adds new features that enhance the gaming experience. You can get many different and unexpected rewards by sailing on the sea. Keep an eye out for the “Greedy Octopus.”

This is like a small game and it allows participation at all levels. You will get four wooden containers throughout Sea of Fortune event. Three of them carry various gifts, while the remaining one contains the Greedy Octopus.

If you land on the Octopus, you can either pay coins to get around the trap and keep playing, or you can end the event and get nothing.

15. Gift Master

During this event, every purchase made will come with a bonus. Possible bonuses include Chest, Pet, Spins, Cards, and more as a gift.

16. Tournament

This event is a multi-player competition in which players can monitor each other’s progress and fight for the top spot on the leaderboard. You must earn event coins by performing actions such as attacks and raids to participate in an event.

Your progress in the event will be displayed in the upper right corner of the mobile screen; as the number of actions you complete increases, so will your ranking.

Coin Master events FAQs 

What is the next Coin Master event?

It may come as a surprise to gamers that Moonactive does not announce an event schedule in advance. There are no upcoming events. However, players can discover event timing by playing the games themselves. Take advantage of the current event and look out for the next one by monitoring the scheduled time within the game. You can also check the Coin Master official page for updated event schedules.

Is there any benefit of a Coin Master event?

Participating in Coin Master Events offers many benefits for players. They can earn double rewards and various prizes at the end of each event. Additionally, they can win different types of cards, such as gold and rare cards.

How to solve Coin Master event error?

When a player encounters an error message, such as the event not appearing or any other errors in the game, the best solution is to uninstall and reinstall the game.

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