How to Win Viking Quest in Coin Master – Best Tips and Tricks

Get ready to win Viking Quest event in Coin Master! Players wait for this event because it gives them a chance to win various rewards. You can get free spins, coins, pet potions, XP, chests, pet food, and even rare or gold cards.

Also, the coins you win during the event will be protected from raids for the next three minutes, giving you a big advantage over your friends.

So don’t miss this chance to enhance your gaming experience with our tips and tricks to win Coin Master Viking Quest event.

Keep reading to discover the secret to winning this Viking Quest!

How to play Coin Master Viking Quest?

Hope you know how to play Viking quest. If you don’t know, then let me tell you, Viking Quest is a small game in Coin Master. In this game, you have to spin on the Viking spinner using coins instead of spins. So you need a lot of coins.

Battle Through 10 Exciting Levels for Big Rewards

To win this event, you need to complete 10 levels. Each level is unique and fun. You can see what rewards are available at each level by tapping the rewards icon at the bottom of your screen.

The first 5 missions are kept simple to keep your interest in the game. But the real challenge starts at level 6, and that’s when the real stakes begin.

The first mission always requires you to spin the Viking Spinner wheel several times, usually 5 spins. The bet amount is determined by the village you are playing in.

Apart from spinning missions, there are coin-collecting missions and special bonus wheel missions where you can also earn coins.

Remember that all the coins you win during this time will be raid protected for the next 3 minutes.

Prepare for the one-day Viking Quest event

No one can tell exactly when the Coin Master Viking Quest event will happen. Normally, this happens at the end of a main event and only lasts for one day.

Before playing at this event, ensure you have a complete idea of your playing strategy. And most importantly, you have enough coins! Don’t risk losing coins by blindly spending without proper preparation.

Complete the Viking Quest for amazing rewards

The Viking Quest Event allows you to win a variety of rewards. So players look forward to this event. You could win prizes such as coins, XP, pet potions, chests, and even rare gold card Brave Lion during this event.

But to win these rewards, you need to complete 10 missions and have enough coins for this. The good news is before you even start playing, you’ll get a reward of some coins to keep you going.

How to Win Viking Quest in Coin Master?

Don’t waste coins in the beginning

You need to have at least 3 to 5 billion coins before you play in the Vikings Quest. This event gives you the opportunity to win billions of coins as well as other prizes.

Please don’t use all coins getting excited at the start of the game, or you might lose them. First, you play calmly because it is very easy to cross levels 1 to 5.

But your real test starts from level 6. So you have to be prepared for that.

The key to a big win: wise betting

Bet a little wise if you want a big win on the Vikings Quest. Then your winning possibility will increase. Otherwise, you will lose all the coins.

Also, follow a small tip: When you cross level 5, start level 6 with lower stakes and increase the bet gradually after your first spin.

For example, bet 3 million coins for the first 15 spins and then use the maximum amount for the next 15 spins. By following this strategy, you will have a higher chance to win big prizes.

Using the slot machine and bonus wheels

To increase your chances of winning, try using a spin on the slot machine following bonus wheels. If you don’t get enough bonus, keep spinning using bonus wheels.

When you win big prizes, start betting to keep those bonuses. The Vikings Quest game has some rare gold cards you could win, though the chances are very low.

There is no sure way to get a gold card, but you can try to bet as much as you can. After winning lots of coins, try to bet billions and hope you get some good gifts.

Use the bonus wheel and wait for the gold card. Even if you don’t get it, it’s okay because at least you won’t lose all your coins.

Avoid continuous play for better results

Viking Quest is a 1-day event, so don’t play nonstop. You have a full day to complete this event. Take a break and then play again. If you play without rest, your chances of winning will decrease.

Also, if you continue playing without rest, the reward you get won’t help you move to the next level and increase your points.

The role of luck and the importance of strategy

If you get hearts 3 times in a row, you can win exciting prizes in the Viking Quest event.
Even though the game is difficult, try betting a minimum amount three times and see what happens.

Winning this game mostly depends on your luck and it’s difficult to beat the game server, but sometimes you can win big.

Increase your success rate by starting with small bets and gradually increasing them. You can then win prizes such as pet food, potions, and gold cards.

Make the most of your skills and opportunities

This is a highly anticipated event because it offers great rewards, and you can only participate if you have attacked at least 50 villages or have a lot of hoarded coins. To win, you need to be a skilled player.

Many people look forward to this event, so it’s important to be ready when you want to play. Even though luck plays a big role, sometimes small tips can help you to win gold cards.

Bonus tips for winning Coin Master Viking Quest

If you have collected a lot of coins and have no use for them, consider participating in the Viking Quest event. This event offers you a chance to win incredible prizes like 20,000 spins and gold cards.

Keep in mind that two gold cards are available in this event. The first one can be won at level 6 and the second at the end of the mission.

Although you may be tempted to attempt to complete the Viking Quest mission. But remember that this may result in losing all coins. Sometimes, it is better to take some prizes and stop playing than to risk losing all your coins.

When it comes to winning Viking Quest events, you should have a playing strategy. Don’t be greedy, and always play carefully. The outcome of the game is often determined by luck, but if you go into the event with a right plan, you can win amazing prizes.


After reading the above article, I hope you have understood everything about how to get Viking Quest in Coin Master.

So start hoarding without delay and prepare yourself mentally and physically for this event. And start collecting coins at the level where you can unlock your quest.

Also, remember the game closely monitors every action you take, including your achievements and success.

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