How to Get Brave Lion Card in Coin Master

Coin Master is a popular and successful game developed by Moon Active in 2015. It is a profitable business as well as fun to play. One of the hallmarks of Coin Master is the Gold card and, in particular, the Brave Lion card. These cards are special because they cannot always be traded like other cards.

Collecting Brave Lion gold cards is very important to succeed in Coin Master. When you collect all cards of a card set, you earn a big bonus. However, getting the Brave Lion can be a bit difficult as it cannot be traded. That’s why in this post, we’ll show you 8 tricks to get Brave Lion gold card that will help you complete your card sets. But before that, let’s know what the Brave Lion gold card is and why it plays such an important role in this game.

What is Brave Lion gold card?

Brave Lion is not as common as other cards, but it is a rare card. It cannot be traded like other cards. You have to try different ways to get this card, and if you get it, you can earn 5 stars. The Brave Lion gold card is available in village level 50 (Easter) and belongs to the Oz set.

brave lion gold card in coin master

Note that the Brave Lion can only be swapped during a gold trade event, and if you’re lucky, you can swap it with a Joker card. So, if you want to complete your card collection and earn rewards, the Brave Lion Gold Card is a must have.

8 ways to get Brave Lion gold card in Coin Master

1. Purchase chests

If you want to get the Brave Lion Gold Card, you should check the magical or golden chests. These types of chests have a higher chance of getting gold cards because they contain the most stars. Also, during the Card Boom event, you can get more cards with a 50% bonus when you buy these chests.

2. Trade chests

If buying a chest doesn’t get you a Brave Lion card, then trading can be a good option. For this, you try to trade chests with other players in the Coin Master community or ask your friends to gift them to you. You can also return the favor by gifting chests to your friends.

3. Trade cards on Facebook

Coin Master players have a large group on Facebook. There are also Facebook groups with more than 1 million members, and people trade cards for Coin Master there. You can also trade cards for Brave Lion with people in those groups. Also, here you will find people who help each other with cards they don’t need anymore. But for that, you have to join Facebook groups and post your requirements there.

4. Join the Coin Master giveaways on Reddit and Facebook

Social media websites such as Reddit and Facebook have all the pages or groups created for the Coin Master game where not only trading is done, but sometimes various giveaways are also organized there. You join all these groups and join the giveaways. Then your chances of getting a Brave Lion card will increase.

5. Viking Quest: The Key to Golden Card Success in Coin Master

Are you playing Coin Master’s Viking Quest? If so, you have the chance to earn two valuable golden cards. The first golden card is earned after completing the 6th mission. If you need Brave Lion golden card, you definitely don’t want to miss this one. However, if you already have most of the golden cards, you may already have this one.

The second golden card is earned after completing the 10th mission. This card can be especially useful if you haven’t completed your collection of golden cards yet. However, if you recently opened a golden card, you may already have this one too. Completing missions in Viking Quest also rewards you with chests, which may contain your missing golden cards. So keep playing, and good luck in completing your collection!

6. Coin Master Gold Trade: Make the Most of Your Cards

The Gold Trade event in Coin Master allows players to trade gold cards. However, not all gold cards can be traded – Coin Master selects only two cards for the event. You can trade with your friends or in Facebook groups during this event.

Remember that some rare gold cards may require trading multiple cards to obtain. But, it can be worth it as you can store them up to open during the Set Blast event, which is a great way to get high-value cards. So, look out for the Gold Trade event in Coin Master and trade your way to completing your collection!

7. Use a joker card to get Brave Lion card

If you have a joker card, then you will get a Brave Lion card very easily. This is the specialty of the joker card. If you don’t have a joker card, you can win it from a special chest or tournament. So, try to get a joker card as soon as possible.

8. Coin Master Daily Free Gift Links: Unlocking Special Events & Rare Cards

Coin Master offers daily free gift links that players can redeem for spins and coins. But sometimes, these links also give players the opportunity to play special events such as Village Master, Cards Boom or Gold Trade. These events typically last for 30 minutes, and you can use them to increase your chances of obtaining missing gold cards. So be sure to check for the daily free gift links and take advantage of these events to help complete your collection of gold cards.

Few tips and tricks to get Brave Lion card

As Coin Master continues to grow in popularity, players have discovered ways to obtain golden cards with minimal investment. Some tips and tricks include:

  1. The first step for you is to build your village. Once the village is built, you can increase your chances of getting new cards by purchasing all the chests available in each village.
  2. To increase your chances of winning the Brave Lion card, it is recommended to spin the slot machine five times with a 1x bet.
  3. Prioritizing upgrading your pet using free food or XP instead of solely focusing on building your village.
  4. Continuously purchasing chests until you receive the Brave Lion golden card or other gold cards.

By following these tips and tricks, you can increase your chances of getting golden cards without having to invest a lot of resources.

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