How to Level Up Fast in Coin Master

Coin Master has been able to attract millions of players worldwide. The main objective of this game is to build and upgrade the village using coins to progress to the next level. You can do this by spinning the slot machine or participating in events.

The game is designed in a way that it becomes hard, specially for new players to get coins and level up. The higher level you reach, the more features and rewards you unlock. Levelling up is very important in this game. That’s why, many players search for how to level up fast in Coin Master. This article will give tips and strategies to help you level up faster in Coin Master.

Tips for leveling up faster in Coin Master

Play Daily

Playing the game daily is one of the best ways to level up in Coin Master. Consistently playing daily will help you earn even more coins and XP, which you can later use to upgrade your village to progress to the next level.

Remember, the more you level up, the more coins you will receive. Additionally, by playing every day, you will be able to complete more village tasks and participate in more events, which will also help you earn more coins.

Complete tasks set for your village

Achieving the tasks set for your village can significantly boost your XP and accelerate your progress through the levels very quickly. These tasks include spinning the slot machine a number of times or collecting a few coins daily. You can earn a decent amount of coins and XP by completing these regular easy tasks, which will help you level up faster.

Assaulting and looting other villages 

Assaulting and looting other players’ villages is also a highly effective way to gain XP. You can earn coins by raiding other players’ villages and XP when they raid other players’ villages. Remember not to irritate other players too much, as they may retaliate.

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Play with friends 

Having friends to play with can enhance the overall gaming experience and help level up quickly. You should plan your attacks together to avoid any unintentional raiding of each other’s villages.

Do not store gold

The best way to get gold is by raiding other players, but remember that other players can also raid you. Pro players always recommend not storing too much gold. If you store too much gold, you risk losing it all. To avoid this risk, you should spend your gold as soon as you get it so that other players can not steal it. This way, you’ll always have some gold to play with and minimize the risk of losing it.

Connect with other players  

Joining a group is the best way to connect with other Coin Master players. You can share your experience there and learn from other players that will help you level up faster.

Following these 6 tips will definitely help you earn more coins and XP in the Coin Master game.

Advanced strategies for leveling up quickly

Use of bonuses and power-ups

Players can use bonuses and power-ups, such as shields, hammers, and raid coins, to gain an edge over their competition. You can achieve these bonuses and power-ups through in-game rewards, events or by purchasing them with real money. These bonuses and power-ups can boost you significantly in coins and XP, helping you level up faster.

Participate in events

coin master events

Coin Master regularly hosts events that offer players the opportunity to earn extra coins, XP and even bonuses and power-ups. You can find these events directly on the slot machine screen and access without prior announcements. You can earn extra coins and XP by participating in these events, which can help you level up quickly.

Use Coin Master hacks and cheats.

Using Coin Master hacks and cheats is an option to level up quickly, but remember that it’s not ethical and can get your account banned. Therefore it’s not recommended to use hacks and cheats in Coin Master.

Buy Coin Master coins

You can buy Coin Master coins with real money. This can be a quick way to gain many coins, but it’s important to remember that this can be expensive. This strategy allows you to upgrade your village and level up faster. However, you should be cautious when buying coins because some fraudulent sellers may exist.

Follow twitter account of Coin Master

The game’s official Twitter account has a lot of followers and daily free rewards links are posted there. These rewards come from links in tweets and from contests. When you click on the links, it takes you straight to the game and gives you free coins and spins. The more you play, the more rewards you can get. Contests are fun challenges that the game posts. Not everyone wins, but it’s a chance to get big rewards for free, so it’s worth trying to participate.


You have to remember that leveling up quickly in Coin Master requires consistent play and using various methods, including tips, advanced strategies, and in-game rewards. Following these tips, you can earn more coins and XP, which will help you upgrade your village and level up faster in Coin Master game.

You should also be aware that using cheat and hack is risky and can get your account banned easily. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid using cheats and hacking in Coin Master.

Also, remember that leveling up faster may not always be a good idea because the game is meant to be enjoyed, not rushed. So, take your time, play the game and enjoy.

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