Coin Master Boom Levels List 2023

Coin Master is a mobile game where you can play through a series of villages that offer the opportunity to earn gold and collect cards of different rarities. In each village, you can purchase chests containing a variety of cards. Some villages, called Coin Master boom level villages, offer a higher probability of obtaining more gold or rarer cards like Brave Lion but at a higher cost compared to normal villages.

Coin Master does not explicitly indicate which villages you should stay in for longer periods of time. However, if you are able to identify the boom villages, you have a higher likelihood of receiving more rewards, such as rare or gold cards, additional spins, pet XP, and pet food, compared to normal villages.  

There are 58 Coin Master boom level villages that can help you advance your progress in the game quickly by providing valuable rewards.

The Benefits of Boom Level Villages in Coin Master

In every village in Coin Master, you can purchase chests that contain various types of cards. However, if you purchase chests in boom-level villages, you have a higher chance of receiving golden cards or the rarest cards in the game.

These extremely rare cards are difficult to obtain, but boom-level villages offer a greater opportunity to find them. It is recommended to spend more time in these villages and purchase additional chests to increase your chances of obtaining rare cards.

Keep in mind that these rare cards are highly sought after and can be difficult to come by, so the opportunity to obtain them through boom-level villages should not be missed. You can also check out coin master daily free spins link.

Coin Master Boom Levels Village List

The following list includes villages that are classified as boom level villages in Coin Master. These villages offer valuable rewards and can help you progress more quickly in the game. It is recommended to take advantage of these villages to maximize your progress.

Village LevelBoom Village Name
5Far east
7Sunny Hawaii
13Arabian nights
15Wild west
20The arctic (Boom)
22Candy land
27Columbus (Big Boom)
34Dragon Lair
35greek island
37the wizard
40Area 51
45Musketeers (Boom)
47Theme park
51Japan (Big Boom)
55Jurassic ville
60Robin hood
62don Quixote
65Olympus (Boom)
75Unicorn (Boom)
79Tin Soldier
83Car Racing
87Baba Yaga (Big Boom)
90King Arthur (Boom)
93Caribbean Resort
95Egyptian Pyramids
98Milky Way
102Goblin Ghetto
107Golf Course
110Rice Farmer
112Irish Craic (Boom)
117Ice Queen
127Zanzibar (Big Boom)
136New york
138Punk rock
141Space pirate
142Mech workshop
143 Jocke & Jonna
146Monkey Kingdom (Big Boom)
149Hercules (Boom)
151Baker Shop
153Noah’s Ark
157Ice Age (Big Boom)
175Babylon (Big Boom)

Coin Master Boom Village F.A.Qs

What’s the highest level on Coin Master?

As the player advances through the game, the levels become increasingly difficult. As of January 2023, there are a total of 472 levels in Coin Master.

How many boom villages are in Coin Master?

Coin Master has 58 boom level villages that can assist in quick progress through the game by offering valuable rewards.

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