Is Unturned Cross-Platform and Crossplay?

Unturned is a zombie survival game that offers many different modes of the game, and zombie survival is the main concept for all of them. Since its launch, this Unturned game has gained a lot of popularity. As it is available on different platforms, the most common question asked by players is whether or not the game has crossplay feature.

In the following guide, you will find out Is Unturned cross platform and crossplay.

Is Unturned Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, Unturned isn’t a cross-platform game. Cross-platform refers to a game that is available on multiple gaming platforms. For example, a game that is available on both Xbox and PlayStation is considered a cross-platform game. 

Unturned is also available on different platforms, but the game’s PC version developed by SDG is not compatible with the console versions created by FunLabs/505. These console ports feature a different version of the game and receive updates at a different pace than the PC version.

To accommodate the difference in gameplay between using a keyboard and mouse versus a controller, certain elements, such as aim assist and inventory menu functionality, have been modified in the console versions.

Does Unturned have Crossplay?

There is no crossplay for Unturned. Crossplay refers to the ability of players on different gaming platforms to play together in the same game. For example, players on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC can all play together in a game that supports crossplay. Although players can play Unturned on different platforms, but it doesn’t support crossplay.

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Will Unturned have Crossplay in the Future?

The game has been out for more than five years, and the developers are busy working on other projects. It seems unlikely that they will have time to go back and update this older game.

Your best chance to play with friends who have a different platform than you is to wait for a new version of the game to be released. But we don’t know if the developers will release a new version or not.

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