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Pet Master is a new online game where you can play slots to earn coins, which you can then use to improve your pet camp. This game was created by the same developer who made Coin Master, and it’s very similar to it. But, in this game, your ultimate goal is to build and upgrade your pet camp instead of building a village. And to do that, you’ll need to collect Pet Master free spins.

The more spins you have, the more chances you will get to play on the slot machine. Also, these spins will help you to get more cards and level up quickly. To get these free spins, we would recommend you to use legitimate and official sources only, and we have all the latest daily links that you need.

If you’re a beginner, it can be tough for you to make progress in the game, so it’s important to know how to earn free Pet Master spins. This will help you to keep upgrading your pet camp regularly.

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Pet Master is an online slot game, so it can be tricky to move up the ranks, but you can achieve your goals with some perseverance and patience. So, let’s learn more about Pet Master free spin and see what it has in store for us.

Pet Master free spins link (30th September, 2023)

30 Sep, 2023 Pet Master spins and coins

Here is today’s free Pet Master coins & spins link:

25 spins link (today) – Collect

Previous free spins and coins link

25 spins link (29th Sep, 2023) – Collect

6 useful ways to get free Pet Master spins

Apart from the link above there are many other ways to get free Pet Master Spins. And some of the important ways are given below so that you can easily get free spins.

Get 5 free spins every hour

One of the most obvious and fun things for players to do in the Pet Master game is to get free spins. In fact, it’s so obvious that most players tend to miss it. The good news is that you will get five free spins to use in the game every hour, and you don’t have to log in each time to get them.

You can get up to 50 free spins, but you have to wait at least 10 hours. Few players prefer to wait the whole 10 hours before claiming their spins so that they can enjoy all 50 spins in one go. On the other hand, some players prefer to log in every hour to avoid the risk of losing out on free spins.

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Pet Master has set a limit of 50 free spins, so you shouldn’t wait more than 10 hours to redeem them. Any free spins over the cap will not be credited to your account. So, make sure to claim your spins within 10 hours to make the most out of this exciting feature in Pet Master.

Get free spins during Pet Master events

The developer of Pet Master enjoys hosting unique virtual activities for its players. These activities are held within the game and are referred to as “in-game events.” At the time of these events, players can earn extra goodies by completing tasks associated with the event.

The majority of these events revolve around spinning a slot machine. By spinning this machine, players have a chance to obtain a valuable token that is directly tied to the event. Each time one of these special tokens is spun, a progress bar linked to the event slowly begins to fill. Players are rewarded with a massive prize when this bar is completely full.

Once the event comes to an end, a player’s overall event score will be tallied up and compared to their friends’ scores. The player who performed the best out of all their friends will be rewarded with an additional prize based on their level of success during the event.

Get Free Spins and Huge Coin Prizes with Pet Master Card Collecting

If you play Pet Master, you can earn free spins by collecting Pet Master Card Sets. The more rare the set you collect, the greater the reward. You can get lots of free spins for every complete set. Also, you can get huge free spins and coin prizes for completing a full album.

You can start collecting cards by buying chests when you reach Village Level 3. It’s a good idea to concentrate on completing albums when they are available. Although it may be tempting to level up your village quickly, it’s better to take your time since chests are less expensive at lower levels.

If you want to build your village quickly, the best time to do it is when the Village Rush event is running. During this event, you can earn the rarest Royal Cards that are needed to complete some of the card sets.

Unlock Rewards with Pet Master Raid Completion

When you complete a raid successfully, you’ll have the chance to pick from three safes as a prize. Each safe contains one of three possible rewards: coins, a small gift, or free spins. If you end up winning free spins, you’ll receive five or ten spins to use.

While it’s certainly an exciting opportunity, it’s important to note that relying on raid rewards for Pet Master free spins is not the most dependable method. You shouldn’t count on winning free spins every time, so it’s not worth repeatedly joining raids just to try to earn them. However, it’s still useful information to remember if you decide to participate in raids.

Convince your friends to play and win free spins in Pet Master

If you can convince your friends to join Pet Master, you can earn spins as a reward from the game. All you have to do is invite them to create an account, and once they do, you’ll receive a gift.

It’s worth noting that your friends don’t need to play the game a lot for you to receive your reward. They simply need to create an account.

In addition to inviting your friends to join, you can also send and receive free Pet Master spins from them. If your friend list isn’t already full, this is a great reason to add more friends to your list.

If you’re struggling to find people to trade spins with, you can explore Subreddit communities to find other players who are willing to trade with you. By doing this, you could potentially earn up to 100 Pet Master free spins just by playing with your friends.

Get more Pet Master free spins with the board Mini-Game

Once you are in Village Level 4 in Pet Master, you can play the board mini-game. This game is similar to Monopoly, where you roll dice to move your character on the board. Some spaces on the board will give you rewards like coins, Pet Master spins, and more dice rolls.

At the interval of six hours, you can get a dice roll for free, and you can collect up to six of these free rolls. You can also win dice rolls when you complete missions or take part in events in Pet Master.

While the board mini-game is not the best way to get lots of free spins, it’s still worth playing because you can get more rewards as time passes. If you have any tips to add to this list, feel free to share them in the comments below, as Pet Master is all about community and sharing.

How to redeem Pet Master free spin link?

Getting free spins and coins in Pet Master is a total breeze. You can redeem these rewards with just a few clicks and add them to your game account. To do this, you simply have to click on any of the latest links that you see above.

Once you have clicked on a spin link, you will be taken directly to the Pet Master app. From there, you will receive a message that confirms the number of spins and coins that you have been awarded. Just be sure to click on these links using the same device where you have the app installed. And don’t forget to log into the app before you start redeeming your rewards.

With these simple steps, you can easily get free spins and coins in Pet Master. And with each reward you redeem, you’ll enjoy more fun and exciting games in the app. So what are you waiting for? Start clicking those links and redeem your rewards today!


Finally, you have learned how to get free spins in Pet Master, including receiving them every hour, participating in in-game events, collecting Pet Master card sets, completing raids, inviting friends to play, playing the board mini-game, and using links that offer free spins. Some of these methods are more reliable than others, but they all offer a chance to earn free spins and other rewards to help players progress in the game.

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